Public Speaking

“Words are events. They do things, change things”. Let's bring on that change!

Public speaking is an art of connection that taps into the collective human experience and goes beyond individual perspectives. As a speaker, I challenge you to think differently, spark a transformative process, and bring about change. I've done just that at international conferences and global forums including TEDx and the United Nations.


TEDxAUB, Beirut
The Genius Formula

UNOOSA Expert Meeting: Making Space4Women in the Decade of Action | 2021
Invited talk: Space4Women and She Speaks Science, a power couple

International Astronomical Union Online Discourse Series | 2020
Invited keynote: Owning Your Story

Women in STEM Conference | 2020
Invited speaker: Tough-stemmed in STEM - the Role of Storytelling and Entrepreneurship

Arab Science Week | 2020
Invited speaker and panelist

IAU Pale Blue Dot Symposium, University of Leiden, Netherlands | 2020
Invited speaker: Scheherazade and the Power of Story

United Nations/Jordan Event on Global Partnership in Space Exploration and Innovation, Amman | 2019
Invited speaker: Power of the Spoken Word: How Stories can Shape Realities, on Earth and in Space

Wolfson Research Event, Cambridge | 2019
Invited keynote: Shining Brightest in your Constellation

Cambridge Science Festival, Cambridge | 2019
Invited speaker: Lives of Stars: Adventures Out of This World

Institute of Physics, Schlumberger, Cambridge | 2018
Invited speaker: The Intimate Lives and Exotic Adventures of Stars

Global Scholars Symposium, University of Oxford | 2018
Invited speaker and panelist: Navigating the Stellar Uncertainties

United Nations Expert Meeting On Space For Women, UN-Women, NY
High-Level Panel, UN Secretariat
| 2017
Invited talk: The Institute of Astronomy commitment towards equality and diversity: policies & measures.

National Astronomy Meeting, UK | 2017
Invited talk: Can the Chemical Evolution of the Galaxy Solve the Mystery of Oxygen in Red Giants?

AGB-SN Mass Transition, Rome | 2017
Two-Dimensional Stellar Evolution: 2DStars

Binary Stars in Cambridge, UK | 2016
Two-Dimensional Stellar Evolution with 2DStars: Introduction & Applications

Guest Scientist at SESTAS Seminar at MPA, Garching | 2015
Burning Questions in Stellar Evolution: Exploring Uncertainties in Mixing & Nuclear Reaction Rates

8th European Summer School on Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics, Sicily | 2015
Oxygen Isotopic Ratios in RGB & AGB Stars

13th Carpathian Summer School of Physics, Romania | 2014
Effect of 12C+12C Reaction & Convective Mixing on ONe WD Progenitors



Consultant on space science and storytelling. Helped innovative businesses bring space science into their products, services and even marketing strategies.


Founder and Executive Director of She Speaks Science. I also lead entrepreneurship education programmes at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Public Speaking

“Words are events. They do things, change things”. I speak on astrophysics, entrepreneurship, STEM, education and storytelling so that things can change (for the better!).

Space Research

My research contributed to the understanding of how stars live and evolve, chemically enrich their Galaxies, and interact with nearby companions.

In the Media

Profiled in media including BBC Future, Room Space Journal and various podcasts. Featured as "Modern Muse for Astronomy" by London magazine Postscript.