For impactful communication and commercialisation of science

Founder of a social enterprise and leading an entrepreneurship development programme

I was the first to get a PhD in astrophysics from a Lebanese university. I want to make sure that I'm not the last. So in 2018 I founded She Speaks Science, to build a positive STEM idenity among the youth and highlight women scientists. Supported by University of Cambridge and the International Astronomical Union, She Speaks Science grew into a global enterprise across 130+ countries. Our storytellers write about their STEM research in the monthly publication, Scheherazade, offered in five languages. Our mentorship programme PENTA offers a unique 1:1 interaction model among women and girls. We also run fun and engaging storytelling workshops at schools.

I'm committed to the communication of science as well as its commercialisation for the benefit of humanity.

At Cambridge Judge Business School Entrepreneurship Centre I lead EnterpriseTECH, a programme that provides impactful entrepreneurial opportunities for academics to thrive beyond the lab.

She Speaks Science

A global and multi-lingual social enterprise sparking the interest of young people in STEM and promoting women and minority scientists through storytelling and mentorship.

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An entrepreneurship development programme with lectures, workshops, and a team project investigating the commercialisation potential of an early-stage deep tech innovation.

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Consultant on space and astrophysics, communication with storytelling, and inclusion in STEM. A UN STEM mentor with advisory roles in public engagement.


A social entrepreneur, I'm Founder and Executive Director of She Speaks Science. I also lead an entrepreneurship programme at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Public Speaking

“Words are events, they do things, change things”. I speak on astrophysics, entrepreneurship, equality in STEM, re-thinking education and storytelling.

Space Research

My research focuses on the structure and evolution of stars, their contribution to the chemical enrichment of the Galaxy and their interactions with nearby companions.

In the Media

Profiled in the media including BBC Future, Room Space Journal and various podcasts. Was featured as "Modern Muse for Astronomy" by London magazine Postscript.