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From Scheherazade to Urania, a Modern Muse for Astronomy

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"Modern Muses" by cultural London-based magazine Postscript


Modern Muse for Astronomy - Postscript

Featured as Modern Muse for Astronomy by cultural magazine Postscript in its Reinvention issue, which deconstructs mythological muses and reimagines our sources of inspiration through modern interpretations as women of colour.

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UAE Hope Mars Probe - Alroeya Newspaper

Interviewed by Dubai-based Alroeya Newspaper صحيفة الرؤية to comment on the role of the UAE's Hope Mars probe, first Arab interplanetary mission, in advancing our knowledge of the Red Planet and inspiring the Arab youth to take up STEM education.

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A new Scheherazade - Annahar Newspaper

On re-weaving Scheherazade's story in Cambridge, the article describes the inspiration behind She Speaks Science and is a shout-out to every Lebanese woman who aspires to blaze a trail.

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The manmade ‘stars’ - BBC Future

“Capitalism has reached stratospheric heights” was one of my laments in this interview on the commodification of the night sky with artificial commercially-branded constellations and the escalating mess of space debris.

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Cambridge astrophysicist calls on UN

Feature in Cambridge University News on the global network of STEM ambassadors that I put forward to the United Nations to encourage women and girls into science.

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The manmade ‘stars’ - BBC Future

Feature as one of the Cambridge trailblazing scientists, for International Women's Day 2019.

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The Winning Side

A conversation with Peju Adebajo and Sara Hasan on women empowerment and designing a better future.

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Women Making Waves

A coversation with Suzie Thorpe on the successes and failures on my journey in science and gender advocacy.

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The Interplanetary Podcast

A conversation with Matthew Russell on struggles, stellar music and raison d'être of She Speaks Science.

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Business of Story

A coversation with Park Howell on our stellar origins and communicating science with story.

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Melanin Memos

On mentorship, my work with the UN and the importance of giving back to our communities.

On Leadership and Mentors


Consultant on space and astrophysics, communication with storytelling, and inclusion in STEM. A STEM mentor with the UN with advisory roles in public engagement.


A social entrepreneur, I'm Founder and Executive Director of She Speaks Science. I also lead an entreprenruship programme at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Public Speaking

“Words are events, they do things, change things”. I speak on astrophysics, entrepreneurship, equality in STEM, re-thinking education and storytelling.

Space Research

My research focuses on the structure and evolution of stars, their contribution to the chemical enrichment of the Galaxy and their interactions with nearby companions.

In the Media

Profiled in the media including BBC Future, Room Space Journal and various podcasts. Was featured as "Modern Muse for Astronomy" by London magazine Postscript.