My News

I talked about Why we go to Space on BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking, together with a science fiction writer, "alien hunter", and historian.

Whether we go for gold, glory or genius, our spacefaring endeavours are not only real estate expansion, but a defining feature of our civilisation and its future.

Who I am

I am the first to get a PhD in astrophysics from a Lebanese university. I want to make sure that I'm not the last.

Thirteen years of astrophysics research experience taught me to think creatively, navigate uncertainty and drive progress with innovative solutions.
I now work at the intersection of science, entrepreneurship and education.



Consultant on space science and storytelling. Helped innovative businesses bring space science into their products, services and even marketing strategies.


Founder and Executive Director of She Speaks Science. I also lead entrepreneurship education programmes at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Public Speaking

“Words are events. They do things, change things”. I speak on astrophysics, entrepreneurship, STEM, education and storytelling so that things can change (for the better!).

Space Research

My research contributed to the understanding of how stars live and evolve, chemically enrich their Galaxies, and interact with nearby companions.

In the Media

Profiled in media including BBC Future, Room Space Journal and various podcasts. Featured as "Modern Muse for Astronomy" by London magazine Postscript.