Ghina M. Halabi

Space Scientist
Equality Advocate

I'm a Space Scientist exploring stars and their exotic adventures at the Institute of Astronomy, and a Research Fellow at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge.
Being the first person to obtain a doctorate in astrophysics from a Lebanese institution inspires my gender advocacy work in STEM. My journey as an educator and mentor is enriched with valuable life experiences that motivate me to communicate my science knowledge and passion as a storyteller at Scheherazade Speaks Science.
Public speaking has been a thrilling and integral part of my professional life, whether on the TEDx stage or at international astronomy and interdisciplinary forums.
When not pursuing stellar endeavours 🔭✨, jogging 🏃🏻‍, gardening🌱or making my signature granola🥣, I would be sailing ⛵with my husband in the English wind!


Ph.D. in Astrophysics, American University of Beirut
MSc. in Physics, American University of Beirut
BSc. in Physics & Mathematics, Lebanese University

Image: American University of Beirut


Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge
Masters Project Supervisor, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge
Course Supervisor, Churchill College, University of Cambridge

Lecturer & Research Fellow, American University of Beirut
Physics course & lab instructor, American University of Beirut
Physics lab instructor, Lebanese American University

Image: Institute of Astronomy, Observatory building


Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College, University of Cambridge
Royal Astronomical Society Fellow, Royal Astronomical Society
Policy & Advocacy Advisor, Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge
University Representation & Policy Officer (STEMM), Postdocs of Cambridge Society
Equality & Diversity Committee Member, Institute of Astronomy
IoA/Kavli Astro-Postdoc Committee Co-Chair & Founding Member, Postdocs at IoA
Senior Associate, Churchill College, University of Cambridge

Image: Wolfson College


Doctoral Studies Award at the American University of Beirut, National Council for Scientific Research-Lebanon (CNRS-L)
Doctoral research grants, National Council for Scientific Research-Lebanon (CNRS-L)
Graduate Assistantship, American University of Beirut

Image: Award ceremony with AUB President and CNRS Secretary-General

Scheherazade Speaks Science

This is a science communication platform that uses story-telling to make science accessible, engaging and inclusive. I write my own blog posts on space topics and invite female scientists to submit guest posts in all STEMM fields.
In 1001 nights, Scheherazade the story-teller saves her life and the lives of other women by telling king Shahrayar engaging stories. In the 21st century, by telling the public about her science she will spare herself and other women from inequality, bias and under-representation.
Thus Scheherazade Speaks Science is a social enterprise committed to sustainability development. By providing community, voice and agency to female scientists, it mediates higher recognition and visibility through which gender equality can be achieved.

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