Ghina M. Halabi

Space Scientist
Public Speaker

An explorer of the cosmic and the earthly, I'm a Space Scientist at University of Cambridge, Programme Director at Cambridge Judge Business School's Entrepreneurship Centre, and public speaker. I consult and train on how to win hearts and influence minds with the story allure and architecture.
Being the first person to obtain a doctorate in astrophysics from a Lebanese university fuels my gender advocacy work and inspires my duty as role model. Keen on sharing my expertise and always curious to learn, I'm an educator, mentor and storyteller. As founder and managing editor of Scheherazade Speaks Science, I help make science accessible and women in STEM more visible, one story at a time. The initiative was awarded the Cambridge University Public Engagement Starter Fund 2018.
Often profiled as subject matter expert in the media, including BBC Future, Room Space Journal, An-Nahar newspaper and various podcasts. Was featured as "Modern Muse for Astronomy" by the London cultural magazine Postscript.
Because words are "events" that connect and transform, to me public speaking is an act of communion that syncs minds. I have given keynotes and talks on astrophysics, leadership, entrepreneurship and women in STEM at international conferences and global forums including TEDx, UN Women and UN Office for Outer Space Affairs.
When not pursuing stellar endeavours 🔭✨, jogging🏃🏻‍♀️, or exploring physical and vocal expression in my regular theatre training🎭, I would be sailing with my husband in the English wind⛵


Ph.D. in Astrophysics, American University of Beirut
MSc. in Physics, American University of Beirut
BSc. in Physics & Mathematics, Lebanese University

Image: American University of Beirut


Programme Director of EnterpriseWOMEN, Cambridge Judge Business School's Entrepreneurship Centre
Communication consultant and coach

Research Scientist, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge
Masters Project Supervisor, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge
Course Supervisor, Churchill College, University of Cambridge
Lecturer & Research Fellow, American University of Beirut
Physics course & lab instructor, American University of Beirut
Physics lab instructor, Lebanese American University

Image: Cambridge Judge Business School


Member (previously Research Fellow), Wolfson College, University of Cambridge
Royal Astronomical Society Fellow, Royal Astronomical Society
University Representation & Policy Officer (STEM), Postdocs of Cambridge Society
Equality & Diversity Committee Member, Institute of Astronomy
IoA/Kavli Astro-Postdoc Committee Co-Chair & Founding Member, Postdocs at IoA
Senior Associate, Churchill College, University of Cambridge

Image: Wolfson College

Scheherazade Speaks Science

... is a science storytelling platform that aims to promote the visibility of women scientists and humanise science communication. It was awarded the Cambridge University Public Engagement Starter Fund 2018.
I write stories about space through a narrative format that makes it accessible and engaging to a wider audience, and invite contributions from women scientists in all STEM fields.
In the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, Scheherazade the storyteller saves her life and the lives of other women with the power of story. In the 21st century, by engaging the public with her science she will spare herself and other women from the injustice of bias and inequality.

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