Gender Equality

I am committed to promoting meritocracy in academia through gender equality and representation in science. I am part of the United Nations Space for Women Project which addresses the Sustainable Development Goal 5 and supports the implementation of the UNISPACE+50 "Capacity-building for the 21st century" priority. As member of the Equality & Diversity committee that successfully achieved an Athena SWAN (a UK high-profile equality initiative) Bronze Award for the IoA, I actively engage in promoting policies that are not only supportive of women entering science but also rising to the top echelons of scientific power, prestige and pay, circumventing a current problem known as the leaky career pipeline. I also chair an advisory Athena SWAN subcommittee on Anti-Bullying & Harassment which advised an action plan to effectively address this major issue that, our survey shows, affects females disproportionately at the workplace.
I represented the IoA at the Women in Astronomy IV conference in Texas. I was an invited speaker at the United Nations Expert Meeting on Space for Women organized jointly by the United Nations Office For Outer Space Affairs and UN Women at the UN Women headquarters in NYC where I provided input and recommendations for the Space for Women final report.